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Zouk Is Taking Our Fav Hawker Fares To Vegas!

Zouk Group will be bringing even greater fame to our local delights as they are planning to introduce some of our favorite hawker dishes into their integrated resort in Las Vegas.

Since Zouk’s initial announcement regarding their partnership with Resorts World Las Vegas  to create an integrated resort, there hasn’t been much buzz about the US$4.3 billion (yes billion) dollar resort. That is, until they announced that they will be introducing hawker food from all over Southeast Asia into the project.

According to statement by Zouk, they will be bringing in dishes such as chicken rice, dumplings, roti canai, braised beef, and stuffed roast pigs among many others. Zouk’s executive chairman, Hui Lim and chief executive officer, Andrew Li has scoured Asia looking for the best items to incorporate into the menu.

Credits: Malaysia Tatler

Another nifty part of this new resort is the beverage delivery system which uses those automatic beer dispensers that pours your drinks for you. Aside from that, you will also be treated to various famous cocktails from all over the world.

Well I sure hope Vegas is ready to have its socks blown off. Perhaps after their official launch, we might get an influx of visitors to Southeast Asia trying to taste the original flavors… provided the whole COVID situation has settled down.

This is Zouk’s first venture in the United States and it is expected to open in the third quarter of 2021.


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