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Yuna Claps Back At A Comment That Discriminated Hijabis And It Was Powerful

Local Malaysian singer, Yuna recently launched her own line of scraves in collaboration with a local brand, Putri N.Rex. The launch was so successful that it sold more than 100 gift boxes in just a hour of a virtual launch party that was held last night (25 March) in conjunction to the new collection.

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However success aside, there would always be haters trying to bring you down. A particular fan wrote a not-so-supportive comment on Yuna’s IG post: “Not a hate comment but cannot go lah shawl panjang2 leher terdedah jua ni..”

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The comment clearly did not sit well with the Malaysian songstress, she immediately replied with “Well move on sis! We don’t discriminate any type of hijabis here we love them all!! The vibe is #embracesilaturahim not #discriminatewhoeversnotlikeme”. (YOU GO GIRL!)

That was not it, Yuna even brought the problem over to her Instagram Story to address her encounter with this negative commenter. She typed out, “With that note our collection goes live today!! We love all you hijabaes no matter what hijab-level you’re at in life – if you wear them full time or not, if you wear tham as shawls or turbans, covering neck or not – we’re all women who are always changing and growing.”

“I’m sharing what it’s like to be comfortable in your own pace. Islam more than anything is about having a heart and respect to other. Think about that. Peace!”

Well said Yuna, we support you and everything you stand for.


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