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YouTube Rolls Out ‘Shorts’ Beta In The US To Compete With TikTok

You know TikTok has made it as a successful platform when other social media platforms rush to imitate its features. Following Instagram Reels and Netflix Fast Laughs, the latest company to adopt TikTok’s recipe is none other than YouTube and its short-form video experience, called Shorts.

YouTube Shorts was first announced in last September and has since been launched in India after the country officially banned TikTok. While it is said that global users are able to view the videos aka Shorts, they weren’t able to create them.

But now the feature is finally landing in the US, where it will be tested for the next several weeks. So American social media creators can finally begin to “shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.”

Credits: The Verge

YouTube Shorts also boasts additional tools like enabling users to sample audio from other Shorts videos and “remix it into your own creation.”

“YouTube made it so that a whole generation of people using cameras and computers and video editing software could practice their craft and build an audience,” said Todd Sherman, product lead for YouTube Shorts.

“That story is very similar to the story of what we’re doing with Shorts once again, except now it’s all based on the phone and what you can get done inside of a phone.”


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