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YouTube Closed Down Racist Singaporean Woman’s Channel Because Of Her Distasteful Videos

Recently, a viral video of a woman harassing passengers in Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains is being shared around social media. The Singaporean woman was seen verbally attacking Indian and Malay passengers in the video while spewing racist remarks at them.

The woman asked the passengers about their race and claimed that they were harassing her despite them not even bothering her. The cringe-worthy video lasted for 2 whole minutes! The original video was already removed off Twitter but here’s a video recorded by one of the passengers being harassed by the woman:

Unfortunately, that’s not all! People on social media decided to investigate the woman and discovered that she has a YouTube channel that contains more or less the same kind of content! There are 29 videos on her channel showing her harassing Indian and Malay individuals, her video titles are as such: “Malay Man Attempted To Molest Chinese Woman”, “Racism In Singapore”, “Malays Harassing Chinese”, and so on.

Credit: Coconuts

The channel was named “Beow Tan”, which was speculated that it was her name. In all the videos, you can clearly tell nobody was trying to engage with her or threaten her in any way, but she continued to harass random strangers that she come across and start recording them without any consent.

Since then, her channel has been shut down by YouTube as her videos were violating YouTube’s policies, including racist and bigoted messaging, nudity, violence, and cyberbullying. Apparently, there were no official charges made yet, however Singapore does have laws against inciting disharmony between different races and religions.

That said, Singaporean netizens are suggesting that the woman may have a mental condition, but who knows. What do you think? Should she still get arrested and reprimanded for her terrible behaviour?


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