• Jonathan Shiek

YouTube Adds “Applause” Feature To Allow Users To Pay Creators Directly

Currently, YouTube creators are enjoying the “Super Chat” feature that gets them paid. However, creators won’t need to rely on that feature soon! YouTube announced that it will be adding a new “Applause” feature to its platform, to allow viewers to give one-off payments to their favourite YouTubers from their pre-recorded content that they have uploaded!

As of now, viewers can only tip content creators for their content through Super Chat. The amount one can make is not tied to the number of people watching a video, as it is with advertisements. The only issue with “Super Chat” is that creators can only receive tips when livestreaming. YouTubers who upload pre-recorded content can’t take advantage of this feature.

With the new “Applause” fetaure, an “Applaud” button will show up below videos for viewers to click on. Viewers can tip the content creator with US$2, US$10, or US$50 one-off payments. Creators will then see an applause animation over their video with a comment posted to the video to let you know someone tipped you!

We are still unsure when this feature will be released to more creators, but the company had already been planning additional features for creators coming down the pipeline.



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