• Jonathan Shiek

Your ‘Healthy’ Salad Might Be Sabotaging Your Diet. Here’s Why

A single plate of salad at a restaurant can easily contain more than a 1000 calories depending on the ingredients. 

The number one sneaky culprit? Salad dressing! 

The creamier the dressing, the more loaded it is with saturated fats and sodium (Put that ranch back on the shelf). Instead, try greek yogurt or whip up a fresh lemon juice and olive oil dressing for something light and healthy but still tasty.

Next, proteins. Proteins are essential to build muscles, so you need to be aware of both the portion and the type of protein you consume. Always choose lean meats over fatty or processed meats. Beef bacon? Delicious. Not so lean though. Opt for a grilled chicken breast or a salmon fillet instead.

Now we need to talk about the bad boys. It’s easy to add fat and calories to salads without realizing it. I’m talking about croutons, nacho chips, avocados, and cheeses. Super yummy, zero nutritional value. You can also transform your salad into an open-faced sandwich by adding a slice of plain wholemeal bread. 

When done right, salads can be a balanced, hearty, and believe it or not, delicious meal.

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