• Jonathan Shiek

Your Calls Might Be Recorded Because Of This iPhone App

iPhone users might realise that you are not able to record your calls because Apple doesn’t allow it for apparent security reasons. But if you resorted to downloading third-party apps just to be able to record your conversations, then this desperate attempt might just cost you your privacy.

According to a report by TechCrunch, a security bug in a popular iPhone call recording app named ‘Call Recorder’ has exposed thousands of users’ recorded conversations.

The bug was discovered by security expert Anand Prakash, who found that the generically named app would allow anyone to access call recordings from other users, just by knowing their phone number.

Basically, all users need to do is change the network traffic of the app and replace your phone number with the number of another user and voila, you would have instant access to the recordings on their phone.

For now, the bug has been fixed and a new update was made available for users but still, it’s concerning how easy these apps would allow users to access everyone’s information, especially when it’s something as personal as phone conversations.

And so the lesson remains, smartphone users should be aware and cautious about the type of apps that could gain access to your data to ensure that your privacy and security is always safeguarded.


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