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Young People In China Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery To Get ‘Elf Ears’

2021 seems to be the year people are warming up to unconventional beauty standards and even embracing them as a trend. Unlike past beauty trends that can mostly be achieved with simple makeup tricks, more young people in China are now splurging on cosmetic surgeries to achieve this latest, hottest look – elf ears.

According to South China Morning Post, the surgical procedure is becoming a growing trend among the younger generation who are born after the 2000s. And no, it’s not because they want to look like Spock or Legolas.

Apparently, having pointy “elf ears” may give off the illusion of a “thinner, slimmer face”. And based on the reactions and testimonials from those who received the surgery, it actually works! “It is magic! I haven’t changed anything on my face and yet all my friends said I look different the day I got it done,” said one user on Xiaohongshu, a popular Chinese social media platform.

Credits: SCMP

To achieve this look, one way is to add a piece of artificial material or cartilage from other parts of the body to the area behind the ear. Alternatively, some surgeons also choose to inject hyaluronic acid.

Despite many people claiming the procedure to be safe, Wang Jiangyun, a cosmetic surgeon at The Third People’s Hospital in Zhengzhou has warned that adding extra cartilage can lead to risks of infection, cicatrices, and causing the ears to end up asymmetrical. Not to mention, there are also risks of infection, allergic, blood clot and skin necrosis when using hyaluronic acid – yikes.

However, many cosmetic surgeons in the country believe that this is simply a temporary trend, which is why they’re also encouraging patients to be rational about their decisions. What do you think? Would you ever consider getting “elf ears” to make you face appear slimmer?


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