• Jonathan Shiek

Young Egyptian Finds A Fortune In Scorpions

Image Credits: Reuters

Several years ago a young Egyptian man named Mohammed Hamdy Boshta, 25 years old abandoned his degree in archaeology to hunt scorpions for medical research in the country’s deserts and shores.

Mohammed Hamfu Boshta is now the owner of a Cairo Venom Company – a project housing 80,000 scorpions in various farms including snakes, kept for their venom.

Caught using UV light, the scorpions are exposed to a tiny electric current to stimulate the release of the venom. One gram of which can produce between 20,000 and 50,000 doses of antivenom.

A gram of scorpion venom can fetch $10,000 and Boshta exports it to Europe and the U.S where it is used to make antivenom and a range of other medicines, including conditions such as hypertension.

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