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You've Definitely Heard Of These Odd Superstitions If You're A True Asian

As the Lunar New Year slowly creeps closer in 2022, Asians are being reminded of the not-so-subtle superstitions that we've been taught as a kid. If you're a true Asian, then you've definitely heard of these:

Bite New Pair Of Shoes

This superstition is popular in Malaysia, telling people to always bite their new pair of shoes before putting them on. Apparently, it's a way of "breaking into them", ensuring you don't get blisters behind your ankles when you're wearing them. Bite it before it bites you.

Don't Whistle At Night

This rule can be found in many Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea. It is believed that you would attract the attention of spirits if you whistle at night. They might even follow you home, or whistle back at you.

Credit: Daily Sabah

Don't Open An Umbrella Indoors

Heard in Indonesia and Malaysia, opening an umbrella indoors would signify that someone in the house will die soon, especially if the umbrella is black in colour. This belief originated from ancient Egypt, whereby opening an umbrella when you're indoors may anger the gods.

Credit: Terry Cralle

Don't Sleep With Your Bed Facing A Mirror

A popular belief in Chinese cultures, it is a bad omen to have a bed facing a mirror, as it can cause nightmares. Some even say that the soul leaves the body when you sleep, and when the soul sees its own reflection, it will get frightened and this causes the nightmares. Another belief says that it would invite a third-party into your bed, which causes insomnia.

Don't Sing In The Kitchen

Mostly heard in Thailand and the Philippines, this saying warns that if you sing in the kitchen, you will end up marrying an old man. However, most people say that it's a reminder to be cautious when you're dealing with knives and fire, and to avoid saliva from getting into the food.

What other superstitions did you grow up hearing?


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