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You MUST Try This New ‘McAffogato’ Hack

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you most definitely would have heard about this new craze that is taking over the nation and that is – ‘The Mc Affogato’

Credits: Penang Foodie

No it isn’t a listed menu item or even a secret menu item. In a sense, one would probably consider it a DIY item as it requires some amount of assembly or plainly put, a menu hack. So the concept of the ‘McAffogato’ is super easy. You simply get yourself an iced latte from any Mc Café outlet, next, get an ice cream cone and simply dip it into your iced latte. Poof! There you have it, your very own ‘McAffogato’.

Credits: Penang Foodie

Now this ‘hack’ so to speak was first made popular in Korea and as most things that are trending in Korea, we do tend to pick up on it pretty fast. Now to clarify, this new hack isn’t exactly what coffee aficionados would consider as an authentic affogato but let’s face it, to us common folk, it is as good as the real thing anyway.

Not to mention, it is super aesthetically pleasing and very Instagrammable.

Credits: Penang Foodie

Fair warning to everyone out there keen on trying out this new ‘hack’ make sure sure to sip your latte a little before dipping in the ice cream cone, otherwise you’re in for a real mess.

That aside, it is certainly interesting how people can come up with such creative ways of reinvigorating McDonalds’ basic menu items.

So what else do you think can be ‘hacked’? Let us know!


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