• Jonathan Shiek

You Might Be Able To Undo Your Tweets In The Future

How annoying does it feel when you’ve mispelled a word in your tweet, only to realise it’s too late to delete it because your followers have already seen it so now you’re forced to just stare at the typo with regret? Well, there’s a chance that this might soon become a distant memory!

Twitter is apparently working on a new feature that will give users a short window of time to undo or edit a tweet even after they’ve hit send.

This news was confirmed by Twitter on Friday after it was first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a 24-year-old app developer who often shares about new social network discoveries with her followers on Twitter.

Twitter is working on “Undo Send” timer for tweets — Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) March 5, 2021

Although this isn’t exactly the edit feature that users have been crying for, it will be useful for users who are quick to spot an error or wish to retract their thought immediately after sending a tweet.


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