• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Submit Anonymous Confessions About Anything At This Website

Do you ever feel like sharing a thought with the world, but you’re afraid of what others might think? Well, you don’t have to worry about being judged anymore, thanks to this website that lets you post anonymous confessions about anything!

The website by Spritzer TINGE is called TINGEpression, and it aims to provide a safe space for Malaysians to express themselves, release any pent-up emotions or just to share their stories anonymously.

Naturally, netizens love this idea and we’re already seeing some pretty interesting submissions on TINGEpression’s Facebook group.

Credits: TINGEpression Facebook

Credits: TINGEpression Facebook

If you feel like submitting your own confession, here’s how you can do it. Simply go to TINGEpression’s website, type out your deep, dark secret (but not too dark la), and click submit. Have fun expressing yourself, but make sure to keep it PG!


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