• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Soon Watch Videos Offline And In 4K On YouTube TV

Every media company seems to have their own streaming platform these days – from Netflix to Hulu, Disney+ to Amazon Prime, the list goes on. With so many choices available, most viewers are now faced with an important decision to make: which platform should I subscribe to?

Well, here is a news that may just help make your decision easier. YouTube TV announced yesterday that its platform will “introduce a new add-on package with 4K streaming, offline viewing, and unlimited concurrent streams at home.”

Currently, YouTube TV subscribers are only allowed to have a maximum of three concurrent streams but with the new features, viewers can finally enjoy unlimited concurrent streaming from the comfort of their own home.

But of course, this luxury comes at a price. The term “add-on package” suggests that all these new features will only be available at an additional fee that is beyond the usual $65 (RM263) monthly subscription price for YouTube TV.

For now, that is all the information we have about the “add-on package” as the YouTube TV spokesperson did not mention much else about the type of content that will be available in 4K or what channels or shows are available for offline downloads.

But since YouTube TV is only available in the United States, I guess all international YouTube fans will just have to patiently wait to find out if we can also get our hands on these exclusive features.


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