• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Soon Listen To Audiobooks On Spotify Thanks To A Partnership With Storytel

These days people seem to be into audiobooks more than reading a physical book, Spotify definitely caught on to that and made plans to bring audiobooks to its music streaming platform. After making a huge push to bring podcasts into its platform last year, the company announced that it will be partnering with Storytel to bring audiobooks into its platform too.

According to the official announcement, you may also need a Storytel account to link that to your Spotify account to be able to access the audiobooks. Spotify did not reveal when this new addition will go live, but it hinted a possibility later in 2021. As for Storytel users, this move will let you worry about one less app, but for Spotify users, you won’t really be benefiting much from this partnership.

Hopefully Spotify rethinks the subscription method and just allow a more straight forward way to access to their library of audiobooks.


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