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You Can Soon Create Your Own Playlists On TikTok

TikTok is a great place, not just for laughs and dance, there are actually useful content out there that teaches users everything from how to change a tire, parallel park, and even cooking recipes. That said, it can be tricky to access and locate so much different content within a single app, but TikTok’s new update may just solve this problem for everyone!

The video-sharing social app is reportedly looking to introduce a feature that will allow users to create playlists in the app, which works to help users group different videos into individual collections based on a shared theme or purpose, anything to the user’s liking.

Right now, the function is available, but only to selected creators, who noticed that the newly appeared “sort into playlists” feature on their profile pages enables them to create their own playlists which they can name, add videos to, and choose the running order.

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But even then, the feature does come with some restrictions, which prevents a single video from being added to different playlists, so users will have to make some difficult decisions when creating playlists and organising content.

TikTok’s new playlists feature is said to be similar to Instagram’s Story Highlights feature that displays the collection of selected videos on the user’s profile page where they are accessible to all users on the app. So, remember to be mindful of what videos you are adding to your playlists.

For now, it is unknown as to when this feature will be made available to all users on the app.


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