• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Soon Buy The World’s First Flying Car In 2022

Imagine getting stuck in traffic on Federal Highway after work, and instead of waiting in the jam like everyone else, you simply press a button in your car to transform it into a flying vehicle and fly your way back home. This may soon become a reality in 2022, thanks to Dutch company Pal-V!

The Pal-V Liberty is a small sports car that runs on unleaded automotive fuel aka gasoline, and can easily transform into an aircraft in just two minutes. The best part is, this versatile flying machine is said to be able to take off from any runway, which I guess includes Malaysian roads.

As a car, the vehicle can travel up to 160 km/h on the road, with a range of over 1300 km. As a flying machine, the Pal-V Liberty can reach up to a similar speed, with an estimated four to five hours of flight times.

The Pal-V Liberty has been in development since 2012, and after a long wait, Pal-V is finally planning to market the flying car by the end of next year. For now, the vehicle is approved for road use in Europe and will soon be approved in the U.S. and Australia as well.

If you’re planning to get your hands on this futuristic aircraft, it is currently available for pre-order from €299,000 (RM1.48 million). But do note that you will need a gyrocopter pilot’s license to fly the vehicle, so your standard Malaysian class D license is not going to cut it.


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