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You Can Now Wear A Portable Air Conditioner To Beat The Heat

I know I mentioned that you could beat the heat with this tech, however, it is only sold in Japan and not Malaysia (sobs). The amazing wearable air conditioning device that costs only $140 (RM575) called Reon Pocket 2 was recently launched by Sony.

Just like its name, it is a pocket sized device that allows you to pair with your smartphone to monitor the temperature. It can be worn as if it’s a necklace on your back so you won’t need to worry about losing or dropping it. Specs wise, Sony mentioned that the wearable air conditioner has a mini circuit that pushes more power to the thermal module and twice the endothermic performance for cooler air.

Credit: The Verge

As the Reon Pocket 2 is designed to drape on your back, Sony designed it to be sweat and drip-resistant for outdoor activities. And if you’re worried about being outdoors a lot, the device has an in-built rechargeable 3350mAh battery that will last up to 4 hours of usage at its Level 1 power! Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Sony didn’t stop it’s amazing innovations there, in-line with the Reon Pocket 2, the company also made compatible clothing that will allow the wearable air conditioner to stay in place the entire time! I really commend Sony for being extra concern for its users.

Would you get one for yourself if Sony decides to launch the Reon Pocket 2 in Malaysia?


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