• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Now Play The Classic Super Mario 64 On Your Browser

If you’re a huge fan of the classic Super Mario 64, then you’re going to love this news! Although not specifically approved by Nintendo, there is a website that now allows you to play Super Mario 64 on your browser!

The game was uploaded by the Super Mario 64 decomp project, but since it’s not approved by Nintendo, it may be taken down any time soon. The classic game was originally released in 1996, which was the first in the franchise to feature 3D gameplay. In the game, you’ll have to collect power stars while exploring Princess Peach’s castle and rescue her from the infamous villain, Bowser.

super mario 64 gifs | WiffleGif

The website is still up and running, so if you’d like to play the game, head on over here to get a chance to relive your childhood memories!


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