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You Can Now Listen To Songs With Rain Sound Effect On iOS 15 For The Ultimate 'Sendu' Experience

If you're one of those people who love listening to sad songs late at night while pondering the purpose of life (don't worry I do it too), your music listening experience is about to get a whole lot better with Apple's latest iOS update.

The recent update comes with a whole lot of amazing features like live text, focus mode, and notification summary, but the feature we're most excited about is still the one that lets iPhone users listen to songs with different background noises.

The feature comes with six sound options, namely 'balanced noise', 'bright noise', 'dark noise', rain, stream, and ocean waves. You can even adjust the volume of each noise to complement the vibe of the song you're listening to.

If you've already updated to iOS 15, here's how you can try out this feature. Simply go to 'Settings', select 'Accessibility' and go to 'Hearing'. Choose 'Audio/Visual' and turn on 'Background Sounds' before going to 'Sounds' to choose from the options and voila!

Which song would you want to listen to using this effect?


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