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You Can Now Get Your Hands On White Rabbit Candy Flavoured Nescafé Online

You may have seen a lot of brands done this in the past, like White Rabbit Candy flavoured boba and ice cream, but nobody has done a coffee version of the childhood candy, not until now! Currently available on both Lazada and Shopee, Nescafé releases a White Rabbit Candy version of the popular instant coffee, and we don’t know how to react to this!

According to the product description, the unique coffee is produced in Shanghai, China, with Chinese words seen all over the packaging. In one of the promotional poster, it reads, “Childhood memory candy plus rich coffee aroma. When a delicate and smooth big White Rabbit Candy melts into the rich coffee, with only one bite, it releases the flavour of childhood.”

On another poster, Nescafé says that the coffee is “sweet, but you’ll never get sick of it.” We don’t know how true that is, given that it is candy flavoured and people usually don’t favour overly sweetened coffee. According to SAYS, one of the vendors who have tasted the unique instant coffee said that, “As for the taste, it is a coffee with a relatively heavy milky aroma, and its milk is not that milky. It has White Rabbit Candy milky taste. Anyone who has eaten this candy will understand the milky and sweet taste.”

As this is a limited edition flavour released by Nescafé, the product is expected to be gone by next year. You won’t be able to find it directly in Malaysia as it is imported from China. If you’re curious on how it fairs, you can get 8 sachets for RM15.90 on Lazada and Shopee.


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