• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Now Buy Weed Through The Apple App Store, But Not In Malaysia Of Course

Apart from buying food, clothes, and groceries online, those who live in the US can also now buy marijuana from the Apple App Store. This comes after the company recently lifted its previous policy that banned apps that “encourage the consumption of tobacco and vape products, illegal drugs, or excessive amounts of alcohol”.

Since 7 June, Apple has updated its App Store policy to exempt licensed pharmacies and “licensed or otherwise legal cannabis dispensaries” from selling marijuana. Then just a month later, Apple finally approved Eaze as the first cannabis delivery app on the App Store.

With over 2 million registered customers in California, Eaze is an app that facilitates cannabis product sales between users and retailers, while also independently hiring staff to deliver the weed and verifying the buyer’s identity. Several other platforms like Beta, Caliva, and Pineapple Express have also hopped onboard the weed delivery app on App Store.

However, these apps would only be available in states where marijuana are recreationally legal. So if you’re living in a state where weed isn’t legal and you’re thinking of having some greens delivered from a neighbouring state, then good luck trying because you wouldn’t even be able to download the app. That said, what do you think about this marijuana delivery service?


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