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You Can Finally Own Your Own Milo Truck!

Having grown up in Malaysia or Singapore, it is quite the common norm to see a Milo truck roll up to your school during Sports Day or any event for that matter. Oh how we would jump at the excitement of quenching our thirst with the rich chocolatey malt drink as we crowd the Milo truck hoping for a sip before they run out (they never ran out).

There’s just something so special about the Milo that comes from the truck…no can, packet or mug can hope to compete with the Milo that’s served fresh from the truck…personally I think the secret of the fabled Milo from the truck has something to do with the temperature it is served at… but that is just my speculation.

In any case, this Singaporean artist’s love for the truck transcends into something more than just waiting in line for a sip, as he transforms his love for the iconic truck into an actual LEGO set!

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

The truck is constructed out of actual LEGO bricks and it sure sends waves of nostalgia all through our senses. The LEGO Milo truck is complete with its signature all-green aesthetic and much like the actual truck, it comes with a fold-out canopy to shade the thirsty little kids from the blistering sun. To top it off, the LEGO truck comes with functional wheels too so you can actually imagine the truck rolling into school! Unfortunately, there isn’t any Milo included in the set (duh) but I suppose you can always call Milo and get them to send you some.

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

The Milo truck is part of My Little Brick Shop’s ‘Old School Singapore’ series and the series also features other iconic Singaporean vehicles such as the double-decker SBS bus and the SMRT train.

Prices for the items have not been announced, but if you can’t wait to get your hands on it while saving some cash, you can always participate in the artist’s giveaway.


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