• Jonathan Shiek

You Can Finally Copy Text From Image On PC With Google Photos’ New Update

Perhaps one of the most handiest of Google Photos features has just been introduced for the desktop. Yes, as the headline suggests, you can now copy and paste text from images so your data transferring needs are fully met! Where was this feature back when I was still studying…

In any case, this feature is bound to assist students among many others. Prior to the update making its way for the desktop app, the feature which abled users to copy any text found in an image was already available on the mobile version via the Google Lens app as early as 2018.

The feature uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that can automatically copy any text found in an image, allowing you to paste it elsewhere for easy saving. Now, Google being Google, you can definitely expect that this feature will be extremely easy to use and not to mention seamless. This is because Google invests heavily in AI text and speech recognition.

The way it works is fairly simple. Assuming you have a bunch of photos saved in your desktop or perhaps your friends in university has just uploaded a whole bunch of photos containing final exam tips, courtesy of that one smart kid in class who actually pays attention, into your shared Google Drive, all you will need to do is open said picture via the Google Photos website which should prompt with with a “Copy text from image” selection and then, all you need to do is click on that and the rest takes care if itself.

Well this new feature sure is nifty isn’t it? Now, if only they can make the page numbering on Google Docs as seamless…


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