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You Can Be Fined RM10k For Breaking The SOPs But Here’s How You Can Appeal

In case you missed it, effective March 12, the fine for violating the SOPs have been increased tenfold from the previous RM1,000 to RM10,000. But this does not mean that all offenders will be slapped with the RM10k fine immediately.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said the increased fine is a way for police officers to enforce it on repeat and stubborn offenders, while making sure that it warns others against breaking the rules.

Abdul Hamid also explained that police officers do not get to determine or collect the amount of the fine, which is why even though the fines might show RM10,000 on the summons, it’s only the police’s duty to note the maximum compound offered for such offences.

Credits: Malay Mail

“Ultimately, the person issued with the fine will then have two weeks to settle it, where the final amount will be decided by the district health officer at their respective district health offices,” he said.

So if you receive a RM10,000 fine for violating the SOPs but you’re a first-time offender, don’t panic because there’s a way to appeal.

According to Abdul Hamid, you’ll have a chance to present your case to the health officers when settling the fine. There, they can decide on the appropriate amount of the fine, whether it’d be RM5,000, RM3,000, RM1,000, or they could even decide to impose a fine of RM50 based on their evaluation, or even dismiss the fine completely. But of course, these amounts are not determined by luck, rest assured the health officers will also have a set of guidelines to follow.

Once a person has been fined by the health officer, they will be considered as an offender, whose details would then be added to the offender registry set up by the Ministry of Health. This will help district health officers to identify and distinguish between repeat and first-time offenders.

And ultimately, if you’re still unhappy with the fine imposed by the health officers, you can try and appeal one more time in court in front of a magistrate. But to go through all that hassle just to appeal for a fine, maybe it’s just better to stay at home where it’s safe and sound.


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