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Yahoo Answers Is Shutting Down, Here’s A List Of The Best Questions Ever Asked

If you haven’t already heard, Yahoo Answers is sadly ending its 15-year run as the community’s favourite Q&A website as it will be shutting down for good on 4 May, 2021. The Q&A website will then be redirected to Yahoo’s homepage while all the platform’s archives will apparently cease to exist.

But before we bid farewell to this platform that has given us so much quality content over the years, let’s reminisce on some of the best questions and answers ever found on Yahoo Answers.

1. This question that might have something to do with time, distance or physics?

Credits: Ben Collins (Twitter)

2. This distressed guy who really needed to know who what his neighbours are…

Credits: Sasha (Twitter)

3. My guess is probably Royals by Lorde, but you know, I could be wrong

Credits: James Halcrow (Twitter)

4. Why is this question so loud?

Credits: Bern: Only 50% Evil (Twitter)

5. I don’t know, this actually sounds like a legitimate question to me

Credits: Lulu (Twitter)

6. DC should rewrite the entire Batman comic series because this person just discovered the biggest plot hole of all time

Credits: jordan (Twitter)

7. My personal favourite

Credits: Ammnontet (Twitter)

Honourable mention: Pregnancy edition Q&A

Thanks for the memes memories, Yahoo Answers!


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