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Would You Wear This Eco-Friendly Pair Of Shorts That Are Made From Wood?

Not sure about you, but the idea of wearing wood-made shorts during outdoor activities just sounds like a terrible idea to me, because why would I want to wear something that’s made out of hard, rough and possible heavy material? Well luckily, this pair of “wooden shorts” by French startup So Ride Wear is nothing of that sort!

Since releasing their line of eco-responsible T-shirts and sweatshirts in 2019, So Ride Wear is now introducing bermuda shorts that are made out of wood and are designed to be versatile and comfortable for various outdoor activities.

Using 98% Lenzing Tencel wood fibre fabric, a specially selected material that’s known for its lightness and comfort, the wooden shorts also consist of 2% elastane, and are free from products harmful to the body and the environment.

Credits: So Ride Wear

According to the news release, So Ride Wear’s wood shorts have been tested and approved by climbers at a French indoor climbing centre, who appreciated the shorts’ material and stretchable quality that fits with their every movement.

The wooden shorts are currently available online on So Ride Wear’s website for €89 (RM450) in men’s and women’s designs. But do note that the website is entirely in French, so you might want to have Google Translate prepared just in case!


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