• Jonathan Shiek

Would You Buy The RTX 3080 Sneakers?

WTF! Who would’ve thought your gaming setup could turn into a shoe? Integrating tech into shoes, you would probably have thought of that kind of imagination as a kid at least once. Say no more, it’s 2021 and anything seems possible nowadays.

The company RTFKT has been known for creating some next level sneakers and decided to collaborate with PC manufacturer NZXT to create a fancy tech sneaker. Imagine a built-in cooler machine along with a motherboard? Just typing this down shocks me, all I can think of is subway hero. What? Why? How? The Kanye West of the gaming world I guess? Weirdly creative but interesting.

SNEAKERS MASTER RACE, @NZXT DRIP 💧 — Artifact Studios (@RTFKTstudios) January 20, 2021


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