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World Health Officials Slam Nicki Minaj's Erroneous Claim That Vaccine Causes 'Swollen Testicles'

American rapper Nicki Minaj is finding herself in hot water after several health officials are now criticising her for spreading fake news about the vaccine. The rapper tweeted on 14 September saying that she refused to get vaccinated until she's done enough research, because her cousin's friend apparently became "impotent" after getting vaccinated.

The tweet immediately went viral as many netizens made fun of Minaj's erroneous claims, explaining that her cousin's friend most likely suffered from an STD (sexually transmitted disease) instead of what she claimed as vaccine side effects. But given Minaj's impact, her words were also concerning as they may influence more people into refusing the vaccine.

Since then, the health minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has hit back at Minaj, saying their investigations found that there hasn't been a single reported case of testicular swelling following a vaccine shot in Trinidad, or “anywhere else in the world.”

Minaj also tweeted yesterday that the White House has "invited her" to talk about the vaccine. But a White House official was quick to clarify that they merely "offered a call" with Minaj and one of their doctors to answer any questions the rapper might have about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.


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