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Works Ministry Plans To Phase Out Touch 'n Go Cards And SmartTAG By End Of 2023

Credit: SoyaCincau

If you've yet to sign up for RFID, you might want to get it within the next 2 years as the Works Ministry is planning to phase out Touch 'n Go cards and SmartTAG usage by the end of 2023. The government's final decision is for highway users to be dependent on RFID usage.

This news followed after the announcement of RFID being adopted by all highways on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia beginning 15 January 2022. While RFID will be adopted, the existing Touch 'n Go card and SmartTAG system will still remain for the time being. The Minister added that RFID is more affordable than TnG and SmartTAG as there's no need to replace the battery and is easier to top up via eWallet.

On top of that, using RFID is much faster to process with 1,000 vehicles able to pass through per hour compared to 550 vehicles per hour with the TnG card. This will definitely help reduce congestion at toll plazas that the public usually face.

The Deputy Minister mentioned that the government is currently giving an RM10 discount for the RFID Tag when users buy the RFID self-fitment kit from the eWallet app, which usually costs RM35. However, they will still charge a fee of RM4 for the delivery.

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