• Jonathan Shiek

Working Out Too Much Is Bad For You, Here’s Why

We all know that one friend who’s a proud gym junkie and probably one workout away from exploding all their muscles. Well, now’s the time to show them this article and let them know that too much physical activity may actually do more harm than good.

There’s even a name to describe the addiction to physical exercise and muscle mass gain, and it’s called bigorexia. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised bigorexia as an actual disease since 2011.

Individuals who struggle with bigorexia will feel a constant need to engage in physical and sports activities to gain immediate gratification, even though it may bring negative long-term consequences on their physical, psychological and social health.

This may be because exercising helps to secrete dopamine and endorphin hormones that are known to relieve stress and make us feel good. However, practicing intensive exercises on a daily basis can easily result in physical injuries and not to mention, fatigue.

Not only do you risk damaging your tendons and fracturing your bones, bigorexia may even lead to heart attacks in extreme cases. Bigorexia and or muscle dysmorphia can even lead to anxiety disorders that are linked to performance anxiety, fear of failure as well as eating disorders.

Like all things in life, exercising should be an activity that is done in moderation in order to achieve the intended result. Remember, physical activity should be treated as a hobby, not an obsession.


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