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Women May Have Stronger Side Effects To Covid-19 Vaccines Due To Estrogen Levels

As with anything we consume on a daily basis, people can have different reactions to the same medicine, food or drink because of the different levels of cells and hormones we have in our body. With that said, this headline may appear concerning at first glance, but rest assured that it really isn’t as scary as it seems, just read along and you’ll understand why.

A report posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that out of the first 13.8 million Covid-19 vaccine doses given to Americans, higher rates of side effects were reported among women. Although only 61% of the vaccines were given to women, up to 79% of the side effects reports actually came from women.

But it’s important to note that the same reaction was also observed in other vaccinations throughout the years. In fact, experts believe this may be due to the higher levels of estrogen in women, particularly premenopausal women, that would help activate the immune response to illness as well as vaccines.

Meanwhile, men tend to have more testosterone, which would help to somewhat reduce or slow down the same response.

So yeah, you can say that women generally have a stronger response to vaccines because their bodies are quicker and stronger when it comes to activating what the vaccine introduces in the body.

And in case you’re thinking about avoiding your Covid-19 vaccination because of the potential side effects, just remember that the health risks that come from catching the disease are far worse than the temporary reactions you’d get from the vaccine.


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