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Woman Was Attacked By Boyfriend For Finding Cristiano Ronaldo Unattractive

A woman in the UK was attacked by her boyfriend for not finding professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo attractive. He was then sentenced to 4 years of jail time by the Newcastle Crown Court for his actions.

Apparently, the couple were talking while watching a football video when the victim's boyfriend Ross Flynn asked her if she found the Manchester United player more attractive than her now-deceased ex. Things took a turn when the victim said she preferred her ex over the football star, which led Flynn to punch her right in the face.

The victim had retreated into the bedroom and was sitting on the bed when Flynn came in and hit her again multiple times. According to prosecutor Omar Ahmad, the victim received 3 or 4 blows to the back of her head during the assault.

“My ex before him (died because of) suicide and I said I don’t find Cristiano Ronaldo attractive, so I said my ex and he started hitting me. He went to say how dare you say your ex is better looking than Cristiano Ronaldo — that means I am not better looking than your ex,” the woman said. She even explained that Ronaldo was just not her type.

According to reports, Flynn was released on bail in less than 2 months, but was arrested again after he attacked the victim once again by kicking her in the face. Unfortunately, the victim suffered a broken nose and a deviated septum, along with bruises, cuts, and swellings.


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