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Woman Tips Foodpanda Rider RM1,000, Only Asking For a Prayer in Return

Given the trying times we currently live in, it would certainly do the world some good by being kind, compassionate, and generous to one another.

Such is the case with a post that went viral on Facebook just a few days ago, which recounts the experience a Foodpanda rider (Muhammad Faris Faizul), had with a customer who was all too generous with him. The post has since gained 703 shares and 2 thousand likes.

While en route to the customers house, Faris was instructed to enter the gate and place the delivery on a white table, while collecting the payment for said delivery on the same table. After he confirmed the customers request, the customer reminded him to ride carefully.

Credits: Muhammad Faris Faizul (Facebook)

Upon arrival, Faris did as instructed but asked for permission before taking the money packet on the table.

A few minutes after that, he texted her again, asking, if the customer was pulling his leg as the amount in the packet turned out to be a stack of RM50 summing up to a total of RM1,000. To which the customer replied “Yes. It’s your luck. Pray for me to be granted a child. Later share with your friends. Ask them to pray for me to get a child soon. Okay, take care,”

Credits: Muhammad Faris Faizul (Facebook)

In an interview with Harian Metro, Faris said that he was in a state of euphoria, so much so that he felt like jumping off his motorcycle. He added saying that “It’s quite common for customers to give tips in envelopes. But this time I was so shocked to open the packet. Hope my other rider friends will pray for this woman to be granted children soon, god willing.”

Initially, he did not want to share the incident on Facebook but he figured that more people would pray for the woman if he shared the story with others.

Its very rare to see such generosity nowadays and I really applaud the customer as not only did she bring joy to the rider, she also warmed all of our hearts. I sincerely do wish with all my heart that she is blessed with a beautiful child and that we Malaysians take her as an example.


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