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Woman Surprised With An RM11,000 Gold Bracelet In Her Seafood

Have you ever met a friend so down for any crazy ideas you have? Well, Attyra Saari is definitely outplaying friendships out there by posting this surprise video she had for her bestie on IGTV and TikTok. Attyra surprised her BFF of 18 years, Natrah Ramle, by gifting her an RM11,000 gold bracelet hidden within a full on seafood meal.

In the social media video, it shows how Attyra hid the gold accessory beneath the shell-out meal that they were all feasting on. Initially, Natrah dug out the bracelet and thought it was a fishing net, so she threw it across the table. All her friends started coxing her which led Natrah to finally pick up the bracelet and realize that it was actually a wrapped gift. You can only imagine the amount of joy Natrah felt after realizing this, she even started to squeal!

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The surprise almost failed as Attyra filmed Natrah for almost an hour before she finally dug out the bracelet. On top of that, Natrah was about to pack home the unfinished food as she was getting a little full from the feast. Luckily, Attyra playfully poked at Natrah to finish the food or she won’t allow her to head home.

A little backstory to why Attyra gifted her best friend a gold bracelet, Natrah actually just got married earlier in the month, so Attyra and a couple of close friends decided to throw her a surprise feast to celebrate the occasion. Attyra also mentioned that Natrah gave her one of her valuable bracelets back when she didn’t have any money to survive, that really helped her situation out, so this gold bracelet symbolizes their friendship and bond.

What started out pretty weird turned out to be very heartwarming and sweet!


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