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Woman’s Pet Koi Fish Died So She Made Them Into A Soup AND ATE THEM ALL

Koi Soup For The Soul: A woman in Malaysia has caused a ‘stir’ online when she shared a bunch of photos of her turning her dead pet Koi fish into a soup.

Image: Amanda Omeychua on Facebook

Posted on a public Facebook group, the woman named Amanda Omeychua captioned a photo of her dead pet Koi fish laying on the floor (over a dozen of them poor things), which according to her, all died of suffocation when her helper forgot to turn off the water supply to the fish tank, resulting in low oxygen levels.

Image: Amanda Omeychua on Facebook

Among the other photos, she even showed how she sliced and diced all the fish to prep them for the heartwarming pot of soup, Hocus Pocus style, with the caption “a royal recipe passed from generation to generation, and tastes like ikan patin (silver catfish).”

Oh my throat is expanding as I type.

Image: Amanda Omeychua on Facebook

Mmm. Hot Koi Platter. Image: Amanda Omeychua Fb

In Malaysia, Koi fish are typically kept as pricy aquatic pets – their visually appealing colors and looks can be priced up to RM10,000 per fish. Her post has so far managed to garner over 10,000 likes and 4,500 comments, with many in disbelief and some pretty curious to know if they are edible.

I know my aunt, who has a huge love for Koi fish, her blood would be boiling right now. I however, am now going to deal with the aftereffects of writing this and will avoid any kind of fish soup for the time being.

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