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Woman On TikTok Charges 7-Yr-Old Son Rent And Bills To Teach Him The Value Of Money

A mother in Florida is dividing the internet with her parenting methods after she shared how she makes her 7-year-old son pay for rent, electricity, and even to use the iPad, just to teach him a valuable lesson about money.

In her TikTok, the mother explained that her son has a list of tasks that he needs to complete daily to earn him a dollar at the end of the day. The list includes things like brushing his teeth, cleaning his bathroom, and putting his dirty clothes in the laundry pile.

At the end of the month, the kid is expected to pay his mother $5 for rent, $2 for electricity, and $2 for internet and iPad usage every month. If the boy is able to complete his tasks every day, he should have about $20 left to spare once he's done paying his "bills".

"He then understands that throughout the month he has two buckets. He has his fun money and his bill money," said the mother, who assured that the money she receives from her son eventually goes back to his savings account, as the whole arrangement was to teach him about the value of money and responsibility.

While some users praised the mother for instilling valuable life lessons in her child at an early age, other users believe she should've let her son enjoy being a kid and wait until he's older to start teaching him. What are your thoughts about this parenting hack?


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