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Woman In UK Conceives Another Baby While Already Pregnant And Gives Birth To Both

Rebecca Roberts, a woman living in the UK went through an extremely rare and unusual phenomenon of getting impregnated while already pregnant, which led to the birth of twins that are conceived 3 weeks apart but born on the same day.

How is this even possible? The incident was caused by a very rare case where the body of a pregnant woman failed to perform a couple of biological processes meant to stop her from being pregnant again. One of which is the halting of hormone releases, which is supposed to stop ovulation.

However, in her case, her body continued to ovulate despite already being pregnant. This caused another ovum to get fertilized during intercourse, causing a very rare biological phenomenon known as superfertation. During the 12th week of Roberts’ gestational period, doctors discovered a second baby with a size difference of about 3 weeks during an ultrasound checkup.

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“My initial reaction was how had I missed the second twin,” said David Walker – an OB-GYN at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, UK. “And following this, I was slightly relieved that it was not my mistake but a quite extraordinary pregnancy.” The situation gave the OB-GYN a fright, as he thought he made a huge mistake during the first checkup.

Doctors warned Roberts that there is a possibility that her newest baby might not survive, as the younger twin had stopped growing due to complication with her umbilical cord and was forced into induced labor.

Thankfully, both babies survived and was successfully born! Yay! The older baby is a boy named Noah while the younger twin is a girl named Rosalie. Cheers to miracles!


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