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Woman In China Vomits Blood After Eating Mooncakes For Dinner 3 Nights In A Row

Many people have probably been indulging in mooncakes since it's the month of Mid-Autumn Festival, but you might want to slow down before overindulging because a 27-year-old woman in China was said to have vomited blood after eating one too many mooncakes.

The woman in Wuhan had reportedly been working overtime for three days straight and did not eat any other food except mooncakes for dinner. On the third night, she experienced severe abdominal pain and proceeded to vomit dark red substance, which was believed to be blood.

Upon consulting a doctor, she was diagnosed with erosion on the wall of her stomach. The doctor even warned that she would have suffered massive bleeding had she not been treated in time.

As mooncakes are made of starchy flour and contain excessive sugar, overindulging could cause adverse effects, especially for those who have a weak stomach, as evident in the woman's case. So if you're planning to eat more mooncakes than you already have, think again.


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