• Jonathan Shiek

Woman In China Rescues More Than 1,300 Dogs

A woman in China named Wen Junhong rescued more than 1,300 dogs from the streets of Chongqing in Southwest China.

Due to her fondness for animals that started 20 years ago, Wen says she was worried what harm would be brought upon them on the streets of China from accidents to being snatched up for the dog meat trade.

After taking her first dog in, she found herself unable to resist saving more.

She quotes “It’s important to look after these dogs, and the earth is not only for humans but for all animals.”

Dog ownership was previously banned in China but has now become a symbol of wealth.

Not only do canines live with her, but she also lives with 100 cats, four horses, rabbits, and birds.

She wishes to bring new attention that will lead to adoptions.

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