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Woman In China Felt "Insulted & Disrespected" After Receiving RM5,264 Angpow From BF's Parents

Credit: The Singapore Women's Weekly

Do you ever feel like your angpow stash gets less and less each year? Well, it is pretty common, on top of the pandemic that we are still living in. What's important is spending time with our family and loved ones!

This woman from China recently got backlash for complaining about the amount of angpow money she received from her boyfriend's parents on Weibo. She said in the post that she was accompanying her boyfriend to go back to his hometown for the festive holiday. Take note that it is her first time meeting them.

The woman mentioned that she was fed delicious food by his parents, which she felt "wasn't too bad", and gave her the impression that they were well off and not stingy. Before they end their stay at her boyfriend's hometown, his parents handed her a red packet as a tradition during Chinese New Year.

“When I opened the red packet in the car, my impression of their family completely changed. I felt insulted and disrespected. Their finances are not bad, so are they blatantly disregarding me by giving so little angpow?” she said.

Netizens were furious in the comment section, as the woman had actually received 8,000 RMB (RM5,264)! She consulted her best friend who said that the amount was okay, and that she should be appreciative. However, the woman still continued with, “If they are already so stingy on the first Chinese New Year, then what about the future?”

Chinese New Year is not about nitpicking how much you are getting within an angpow packet, it is something we should be thankful for regardless of the amount. What are your thoughts on this?


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