• Jonathan Shiek

Woman In China Fell To Her Death From The 25th Floor While Filming A Dance Video

We all know TikTok videos are super trendy these days, garnering millions of views on a daily. But sometimes you should be aware of your safety while doing the TikTok challenges or even just recording a video! This lady in China clearly did not get the memo.

On 6 May, there were several videos of a woman dancing outside of her balcony all over social media, it went viral because the woman eventually falls off the balcony from the 25th floor of a condominium. The Weibo video was then taken down or set to private, but there were screenshots of the woman wearing a full red outfit and red shoes dangling off the balcony.

Credit: Sina News

Apparently in one of the videos, a man advised her not to go out on the balcony while recording, saying it was dangerous, but the woman replied with “It’s okay, I am taking videos.” This incident happened in Sanya, China, where the police received a call at 12:52pm on 6 May.

According to police investigations, there was a suicide note found in the deceased’s room, but the case is still on-going. Somehow kind of unsettling that she was wearing all red during her passing, pretty eerie!


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