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Woman hallucinates after eating five-day-old petrol station sushi

A woman identified only as “JC,” came home starving one night after work and found hardly anything to eat in the refrigerator. She took a gamble and ate the five-day-old gas station sushi that had been ripening in her fridge, and boy, did things go south after that.

Aside from tasting a little sour, the sushi went down quickly with a dose of soy sauce. Then the symptoms began. Everything started with insomnia, and the woman’s sleep issues escalated into anxiety and confusion plus an elevated heart rate that felt as if it were “beating out of her neck.” Next came the stomach cramps. She’d feel her stomach jiggle before she went to the bathroom. As time went by, JC started suffering from malnutrition, incontinence, hallucinations of bugs crawling up the walls and underneath her skin, and bouts of anxiety.

If all of this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, well, it sort of is, because things got worse. Seizures followed. Then there was a barrage of testing, until finally, doctors found evidence of tapeworm eggs in her stool along with broken segments from a tapeworm. They identified it as diphyllobothrium latum, one of the largest, which can grow up to…9 meters long.

According to NPR in this story from 2018, sushi-related tapeworms are actually a thing.

After so much agonizing, JC was given a dose of praziquantel, an anti-worm medication, and she made a full recovery.

Even so. Avoid gas station sushi, at least.

Source: TheTakeout

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