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Woman Dresses Up As Teddy Bear To Surprise Her Kids After Not Seeing Them For 8 Months

Credits: eifaofficial88 (TikTok)

There's nothing quite like the tears of joy of being reunited with a loved one, especially if it's within the warm embrace of a mother's arms. Due to the MCO restrictions, 33-year-old Muzdalifah Donya, who is based in Klang, Selangor hasn't been able to see her children in Gua Musang, Kelantan for eight months, and she was determined to make their reunion worthwhile.

Since the government recently allowed fully vaccinated parents to travel interstate and meet their children, Muzdalifah was finally able to visit her family back home, but not before planning an elaborate surprise.

With the help from her relatives, Muzdalifah managed to rent a teddy bear costume and make a surprise appearance at her daughter's 10th birthday party. Naturally, her son and daughter were completely clueless about their mother's identity underneath the mascot outfit.

It was only during the cake cutting ceremony that Muzdalifah finally revealed herself and embraced her daughter in a tight hug as seen in a viral TikTok video. After being away for so long, the mother said the feeling of being able to see and hug her children was simply indescribable, and we have no doubt about that.


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