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With MCO 2.0, What You Do In A Day Also Needs A 2.0 Upgrade

Oh my God, we’re back again. I wish I was singing BSB, but instead we’re slapped with MCO 2.0. For a housewife like me, it means snacking on the sofa while I lose focus on every single chore I start doing as my kids terrorize the house in the background.

me at 4pm sleeping knowing that pkp extend — not my problem (@kinxash) April 10, 2020

We really need to break the cycle, guys. Here’s a list of activities you could do to upgrade your MCO routine.

  1. I recently discovered that my 5 year old son is pretty good at ping pong. And it’s awesome because all you need is a cheap ping pong set (your neighborhood stationery shop/Mr DIY should have some) and your dining table. He can even play alone against the wall. Plus point is it trains your reflexes and before you know it, you’re sweating!

2. Schedule in some handy work. I watched my brother in law repair some tiles using an adhesive sealant he got at a hardware store. Also you can easily touch up your walls using putty filler and some paint. Or simply just replace a light bulb to change the ambiance. Trust me, it’s so satisfying to DIY. Get yours here: Shopee

3. Did the kids make a complete mess again? Sounds like a perfect time for a treasure hunt. Hide their favorite toys or snacks around the house and get them to tidy up while they hunt for it. To not spoil the surprise, hide the treasures at night and have them look for it first thing in the morning. They will most probably just mess everything up again throughout the day, but kids love to rediscover the same toys that have been stowed away and will probably not bother you for the next few hours.

4. Want an easy side hustle? Start baking. There’s so many easy recipes and cooking groups on Facebook now. If you’re unequipped, there’s plenty of options that require no whipping, no baking and just sticking it into the fridge to set. My go-to is good ol’ brownies that my kids love, and works well as a treasure hunt reward.

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5. Take some time to improve any skills you have. This goes without saying. I’ve already levelled up from ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Stairway To Heaven’ on my guitar. Also, duh, I write articles on the side for New Society.

Well, that’s all I can suggest for now. Hope you guys are staying safe and indoors. 

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