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Will Smith May Consider A Political Career In The Future

Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be the only actor having a political career soon, or will he? During an interview for the Netflix docuseries, Amend: The Fight For America, Will Smith playfully mentioned that he may consider a potential future in politics. This got people thinking about the possibility of calling him ‘President Smith’.

He said, “I think for now I’ll let that [presidential] office get cleaned up a little bit [laughs], and then I’ll consider that at some point down the line. I don’t know. I absolutely have an opinion; I’m optimistic, I’m hopeful, I believe in understanding between people and I believe in the possibility of harmony. I will certainly do my part, whether it remains artistic or, at some point, venture into the political arena.”

This seems pretty promising, Will Smith also added: “I was thinking about it but, you know, I watched [Barack] Obama for the last 8 years [and] that’s a hard job. I definitely have had the itching. I have lots of views and ideas and sometimes I hear people say things on television and I just want to run against them. Just straight at ’em and knock ’em over. But I think it’s not where my greatest gifts are.”

We doubt it will happen any time soon, especially with all the huge projects Will Smith is taking up like the reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Bad Boys 4, Bright 2, and King Richard. Smith isn’t the only celebrity teasing about future political runs, Dwayne Johnson has also repeatedly mentioned about a possible presidential run.

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