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Wild Hornbill In Singapore Yanks Pet Bird Out Of Cage And Eats It Alive

Look, I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of birds to begin with, but after watching this video of a hornbill ruthlessly yanking a pet bird out of its cage and chewing it alive, I’m officially more than terrified of birds at this point.

The incident happened in Singapore and was recorded by an unknown person before the video was uploaded on Singapore Wildlife Sightings’ Facebook page, where the clip quickly went viral.

The video showed an Oriental Pied Hornbill, which are commonly sighted in Singapore, perched on a balcony, where several other smaller birds are kept in three separate cages.

While the hornbill was initially just pacing along the balcony, it suddenly jumped atop one of the cages and in one swift move, yanked a poor little black bird out of the cage with its sharp beak.

In a final attempt at survival, the bird was spotted frantically flapping its wing trying to escape from the hornbill’s captive but sadly, the little pet bird was no match for the wild hornbill and its hungry appetite.

Although the Oriental Pied Hornbill mainly feeds on fruits, they’re also omnivores that feed on insects and small animals, like reptiles, mammals, and other birds.

Credits: Mashable SEA

The video has since been shared over a thousand times on Facebook and received over 180 comments, where netizens are shown to have mixed reactions to the incident.

While some users condemned the person who took the video for not helping the pet birds, others also explained that the sight was simply part of natural selection and survival of the fittest, where unfortunately, the victim happened to be the helplessly caged bird that fell prey to the wild hornbill.


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