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Why You Should Get A Mechanical Keyboard Right Now!

If you spend long hours a day typing away at your desk, or perhaps you are a programmer and you spend every waking minute of your life coding, or even if you are a “pro-gamer” then you might want to keep on reading.

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If you glance down at your work of gaming station, chances are the keyboard you have been using all this while is some flimsy, mushy feeling, and depressing sounding membrane keyboard. Now of course there is nothing wrong with that but if you find yourself dreading to head into your work station to… well work, then you might be surprised to know that you can actually get a keyboard that would make you excited to do so.

Enter the world of mechanical keyboards with 3 reasons why you should consider getting yourself one.

1. Mechanical Keyboards Are Orgasmic To Type On

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Once you get used to typing on a mechanical keyboard, you will never want to see, hear, or touch anything else. As the saying goes, once you go mech, there’s no going back.

Not to mention, mechanical keyboards also increase your typing accuracy due to their individual switches which will make it much easier to tell if you have hit a key thus allowing you to pick up on accidental key presses.

Moving into the realm of switches, there are three primary “switch-feels” which are linear, tactile, and clicky. The linear switch is usually used for gaming, the tactile switch leans towards general usage and typing whereas the clicky switches are just there to annoy your colleagues and neighbors.

Typing on either one of these switches send tingles throughout your whole body with each key actuation. Plus the sounds that each key stroke makes will almost make you climax.

2. Customize It As You See Fit

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If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your mechanical keyboard or you simply want a new feel and look to it, you can do so with very little hassle.

If you find your board too loud, you can purchase O-rings and place them on each switch. That will dampen the sound that comes from pressing the keys.

Let’s say you want your RGB lighting to stand out more, you can always purchase a set of pudding keycaps to make the lighting even more pronounced. Or perhaps you want to change up the lighting effects of your keyboard, you can do so as well by simply downloading a dedicated software online

3. They Are Some Sturdy Boi’s

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If you are a gamer who suffers from anger issues then you most definitely need a gaming keyboard. More often than not, they are built with a hyper durable plastic and some are even built with aluminum plating.

With regards to keystrokes, most mechanical keyboard switches are rated for an extremely high number of keystrokes, such as 50 million. So you can fulfil your dreams of being a keyboard warrior once and for all.


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