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Why Is Every Football Fan Talking About The Super League?

For the non-football fans out there, you may have noticed some of your football-obsessed friends and family members freaking out about some European Super League (ESL), but what is that all about anyway?

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Basically, the ESL is a new football league that’s said to involve some of the world’s biggest football clubs. For now, 12 clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, and Real Madrid, have confirmed their participation in this competition.

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In total, the ESL would have 20 teams. The 12 teams mentioned earlier will be joined by three more teams and together, they’ll be considered as the founding members, a title which will grant them permanent spots in the league without ever getting relegated. Meanwhile, the remaining five teams would have to qualify to join the league each year.

All across the football industry, this move is widely panned by fans, experts and other football clubs because without the need to face qualification or relegation, the ESL poses potential for the 15 teams to dominate the competition at the top of the chart, which seems to be really unfair.

James reacts to the European Super League news: "It's the end of the sport we love. It truly is." — The Late Late Show with James Corden (@latelateshow) April 20, 2021

Among those who have openly opposed the formation of the ESL are FIFA and UEFA, the governing bodies for international and European football respectively. It’s said that UEFA is even threatening legal action against those 12 teams while UEFA’s president warned that the clubs involved in the ESL would be banned from future competitions.

The ESL is even receiving attention from politicians such as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who said that the government is “going to look at everything that we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this doesn’t go ahead in the way that it’s currently being proposed”.

For now, it’s said that the ESL would start in August each year, with plans to launch “as soon as practicable”.


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