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Why Everyone Is Stuck Talking About The Suez Canal

Not sure about you, but my timeline has been stuck on people talking about the Suez Canal for days and the reason behind this is pretty hilarious.

Now before we go into that, here’s a little background info: the Suez Canal is a manmade waterway in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and provides an easy shipping route between Europe and Asia. But here’s the thing, the canal is pretty narrow, but that hasn’t really been a problem, until now.

A giant container ship called Ever Given that measures twice as long as the width of the canal has been stuck at the Suez Canal since Tuesday after it ran aground due to low visibility amid high winds and a dust storm.

Credits: Twitter

It’s said the 224,000 tons ship might take weeks to be removed, which leaves the Suez Canal blocked and traffic suspended. Realising the problem, the Japanese owner of the vessel Shoei Kisen even apologised, although that might not change things as it’s said they may already be facing millions of dollars of insurance claims.

As much as I feel sorry for the owners of Ever Given, the situation is pretty funny, especially when you realise the fate of this ship and canal is stuck in the hands of two man and a tiny excavator – no, for real.

Credits: Business Insider

And I’m not the only one who thinks so, just look at these memes:

Folks, I'm not feeling optimistic about the Suez situation. — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) March 25, 2021 — Tanushree Rao (@tanushrao) March 25, 2021

Also, in case you’re wondering how other ships are handling this problem, it seems like they’ve found a historic route for now.

theyre actually doing it! ever given has been there so long that theyre actually going around the cape of good hope like 1700s scurvy patients oh my god — Aria Callaghan (@AriaCallaghan) March 25, 2021


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